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As a recognised supplier to major retailers in the market, we are excited to now share our expertise with garden centres and flower shops through our new webshop. Together with our team, we strive to share a common vision so that we can offer the best to all our customers every day. Using our experience and knowledge, we aim to deliver high-quality products and excellent service to garden centres and flower shops. Our webshop offers easy access to a weekly updated range, so that these businesses can also benefit from our well-known quality. We are excited to share our passion for wholesale with a wider customer base and to forge new partnerships in the garden and flower sector.



At Horn Bloommasters, we understand the importance of continuity in your business. That is why we use data as a powerful tool to constantly adapt our assortment to market trends and consumer preferences. Our data-driven approach enables us to optimise our range on a weekly basis and always offer an up-to-date and attractive range of high-quality flowers and plants.



At Hoorn Bloommasters, you will find a wide range of high-quality flowers and plants. With fixed outlets and a weekly updated range, we respond to the latest trends. Whether you are a garden centre, flower shop or franchiser, our professional service is available to you centralised from our webshop.

Starting the webshop

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Step 1



Place your order: Fill in our simple order form with the products you require and the quantities needed. Submit your order and we will process it carefully.

Step 2


Processing and packaging

Processing and packaging: Our dedicated team gets to work on your order. We ensure careful processing and packaging to make sure your products are shipped fresh and in optimal condition.

Step 3


Choose your shipping date

Choose your shipping date: You have the option to choose your desired shipping date during the ordering process. Choose a date that best suits your schedule and needs.

Step 4


Shipping and delivery

Once your order is ready for dispatch, it will be dispatched on your chosen dispatch date. At that time, we will invoice your order. You can be confident that your products will be delivered on time and reliably.

Step 5


Enjoy fresh flowers and plants

Once your order is delivered, you can enjoy the fresh and high-quality flowers and plants. Incorporate them into your arrangements or present them in your shop to surprise your customers time and again.

Hoorn Bloommasters

Still have questions?

We would be happy to tell you more about our services and products in a personal conversation. Call +31 0297 325 150 or mail to info@hoornbloommasters.com.

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Join Hoorn Bloom Masters Webshop today and discover the advantages of our extensive range, our continuity and our international cooperation. Our webshop allows you to order efficiently and easily, providing your customers with fresh and high-quality flowers and plants.

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