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Consumers' wishes are important, which is why we adjust our range accordingly on a daily basis. In cooperation with our customers, our team of designers ensures that our range is continuously improved, so that it always seamlessly matches your customer's demand.

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A range determined in collaboration with our customers, based on consumer demand

Every day, our designers work hard to improve the range. We consciously do not opt for a fixed product range, but are happy to vary it to meet consumer demand. Thanks to our flexibility, we can respond quickly and positively influence your turnover and shrinkage.

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At Hoorn Bloommasters, we deliver quality bouquets that consumers have come to expect from florists. We create bouquets for every occasion, in various colour schemes and price ranges. Our bouquets are put together by a skilled team of florists, creating unique compositions. If your wishes differ from our current range, that's not surprising. We have the capabilities to deliver personalised bouquets on a large scale as well.



In addition to your range of bouquets, we can also provide you with a flower arrangement. This can be realised by us on any scale. The arrangement will consist of unique combinations, tailored to your and the consumer's preferences. An arrangement offers the opportunity to play with seasons and holidays. So you can always provide your customers with a unique offer. The size of the package is entirely up to you.

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Mono Plus

In binding bouquets, a distinction is made between mono and mono plus quality. We can offer you a wide range of mono plus bouquets, these bouquets are steeped in quality. The varied flower varieties in our bouquets are bound in a high class. No machine work, but a quality and artisanal product.

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Short distribution lines with the best suppliers allow us to supply a wide range of plants of only the best quality. Although we do not add much value to these products, we can offer you the best service in the process. In cooperation with our growers, we can provide you with the best seasonal plants all year round.

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"Together with our customers, we are the market leader in artisan products. That's what consumers love to come back for!"