Continuous improvement with us smart entry model

The entry model is a digitised way of guiding entry at shop level. We provide attractive flower presentations that enhance the shopping experience and also ensure the right numbers to meet KPIs this way.


Forecasts using a number of practical steps

Enlarge index

Together with the customer, we determine the annual index for the coming year. This index represents the growth on which we must jointly steer.

Classifying and modelling turnover

It is important to determine in advance how turnover will be achieved. This is done through year-round planning.

Analyse data and adjust by week

The determined index should be maintained through weekly, periodic and quarterly checks. Through continuous modelling, we ensure the setting of these targets.

Setting and fixing turnover target

The index we have achieved in the past is used to set future revenue targets. This is adjusted on a weekly basis.

Adding variable collections

To establish the optimal assortment and achieve growth, we work with variable collections. This allows us to switch between no-sales and yes-sales.

Extras for maximum efficiency

Besides the existing lines, we believe it is important to be flexible in the market. Our existing lines have year-round prices, but to get the most out of the chain, we work with the addition of actions. However, these actions should not interfere with the existing agreements with growers and the assortment.

Our data consists of
six essential areas of support

Our data model

  • Modules
  • Margin policy
  • Delivery days
  • Logistics
  • Sustainability
  • Index

The entry model

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This is how it works

The entry model was developed as a structured approach to optimise flower presentations at shop level. In cooperation with our customers, we annually set an index representing joint growth. This starts with predetermining sales realisation through detailed year-round planning, where we carefully classify and model. The established index is then analysed and adjusted weekly, periodically and quarterly, with continuous modelling to set and maintain targets.

To establish the optimal assortment and achieve growth, we use variable collections, allowing us to respond flexibly to both no-sales and yes-sales. Moreover, we add promotions alongside our existing lines to better respond to market demand. However, it is crucial that these actions do not interfere with existing agreements with growers and the current assortment. In short, the instalment model not only provides digitised guidance at shop level, but also integrates strategies such as determining the annual index, modelling sales, fixing sales targets and adding variable collections and actions. This enables us to respond flexibly to market dynamics and achieve the best results for both retailers and growers.

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