Our range of services comprises procurement, production, EDI ordering & invoicing of retail-ready customised orders for mono-floral bouquets and hand-tied seasonal bouquets.

Our production capacity ranges from 500 to 20,000 hand-tied bouquets per day. Products are delivered within 48 hours after production.

Customised production orders, in which you take care of procurement, are among the options.

We have long-standing partnerships with fixed growers domestically and abroad and will look after your procurement and production entirely according to your specifications.

Our operational processes are organised according to the Just In Time principle with a stringent input and output quality control. This way, you are guaranteed to have an ultra-fresh product.

Quality controls are constantly performed during the hand-binding process as well. This way, even for the largest orders we can guarantee uniform bouquets within the same order.

If desired, we can also unburden you with weekly assortment suggestions.